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IDT Open Seminar: Software Engineering and Embedded Systems Research at IIIT Hyderabad, INDIA


Venkatesh Choppella and Shubhajit Roy Chowdhury, IIIT Hyderabad



Start time:

2015-05-12 14:00

End time:

2015-05-12 15:30



Contact person:


This talk is an introduction to IIIT Hyderabad and the
activities in its various research centres, but with
specific emphasis on the areas of (i) embedded systems, and
(ii) software engineering.  After a brief overview of the
efforts of these areas, Shubhajit and Venkatesh will each
present short introductions to their own research work,
which might open up possibilities for collaboration with

* Short Bios

** Shubhajit Rowchoudhury

Dr. Shubhajit Roy Chowdhury completed his Ph. D from the
Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering,
Jadavpur University in the year 2010. He is currently an
Assistant Professor at the Centre for VLSI and Embedded
Systems Technology, IIIT Hyderabad. He is the recipient of
university gold medals in 2004 and 2006 for his B.E. and
M.E. respectively, Altera Embedded Processor Designer Award
in 2007, winner of five best paper awards. He is also
awarded Young Engineers’ Award 2012-13 by the Institution of
Engineers, India for his outstanding contribution in the
field of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. He
is a reviewer of various IEEE, Elsevier and Springer
journals in the area of Biomedical Systems, VLSI Design and
Embedded Systems. He is an Associate Editor of Journal of
Medical Systems, and also the member of editorial board of
Computers in Biology and Medicine. He has authored 3 books
and book-chapters. He has currently filed two patents in the
field of non invasive medical diagnosis. His research
interests span around the development of Biomedical Embedded
Systems, VLSI architectures, near infra-red spectroscopy
based non invasive diagnosis and ASIC design of intelligent
signal processing circuits. He is keenly interested in the
educational system and its necessary transformation.

** Venkatesh Choppella

Venkatesh Choppella is Associate Professor at the S/W
Engg. Research Centre (SERC) at IIIT Hyderabad.  Venkatesh's
broad interests are in the applications of formal methods
for modelling in a variety of areas, specifically, HCI, Web
Security, Real Time systems, and workflows.  Most recently,
he has been working in Web architecture for Web
Accessibility (Alipi) and Virtual Labs for Educational
Technology (Virtual Labs).  In the past, his work has been
in programming Language type systems, compilers for
scientific computing and automated theorem proving.  He is
also interested in Programming and Computer Science pedagogy.  He
has over fifty research publications and one US patent.

Both Venkatesh and Shubhajit are visiting MDH as part of the
Linnaeus-Palme project between MDH and IIIT Hyderabad.