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Automated Protection and Prevention to Meet Security Requirements in DevOps Environments D1.3 (Mar 2021)
Gunnar Widforss, Olga Hendel, Eduard Paul Enoiu, Dragos Truscan , Andrey Sadovykh , Alessandra Bagnato , Rosa Iglesias , Cristina Seceleanu, Damir Bilic

Doctoral Thesis (128)

Systematic Development of Collaborative Blended Modeling Environments (Jun 2024)
Malvina Latifaj

On Transient Communication Outages among Collaborating Connected and Automated Vehicles (Sep 2023)
Shahriar Hasan

Risk Assessment and Safety Measures for Intelligent and Collaborative Automation (Sep 2023)
Atieh Hanna

Organizational Changes-aware Safety-centered Risk Assessment in Augmented Reality-equipped Socio-technical Systems (Feb 2023)
Soheila Sheikh Bahaei

Lightweight consistency checking for advancing continuous model-based development in industry (Dec 2022)
Robbert Jongeling

Improving the Efficiency and Reliability of Text Messaging Gateways (Nov 2022)
Daniel Brahneborg
Doctoral Thesis (PhD Thesis)

Efficient Design of Scalable Deep Neural Networks for Resource-Constrained Edge Devices (Oct 2022)
Mohammad Loni

Formal Methods for Scalable Synthesis and Verification of Autonomous Systems (May 2022)
Rong Gu

Intelligence-Driven Software Performance Assurance (May 2022)
Mahshid Helali Moghadam

Information Visualization Using Transparent Displays in Mobile Cranes and Excavators (Jan 2022)
Taufik Akbar Sitompul

Toward Dependable Multiple Path Planning for Autonomous Robots with Obstacle Avoidance and Congestion Control (Jan 2022)
LanAnh Trinh

Productivity Improvements in Construction Transport Operation through Lean Thinking and Systems of Systems (Dec 2021)
David Rylander

Automatic Characterization and Mitigation ofShared-resource Contention in Multi-coreSystems (Nov 2021)
Jakob Danielsson

Automated System-Level Software Testing of Industrial Networked Embedded Systems (Nov 2021)
Per Erik Strandberg

Space Computing using COTS Heterogeneous Platforms (Nov 2021)
Nandinbaatar Tsog

A Safety-centered Planning-time Framework for Automated Process Compliance Checking (Oct 2021)
Julieth Patricia Castellanos Ardila

Industrial System Level Test Automation (Oct 2021)
Daniel Flemström

Runtime Monitoring for Safe Automated Driving Systems (Nov 2020)
Ayhan Mehmed

Preemption-Delay Aware Schedulability Analysis of Real-Time Systems (Jun 2020)
Filip Markovic

Modeling and Control of the Collaborative Behavior of Adaptive Autonomous Agents (Jun 2020)
Mirgita Frasheri

Minimum Enclosing Balls and Ellipsoids in General Dimensions (Jan 2020)
Linus Källberg

Embedded high-resolution stereo-vision of high frame-rate and low latency through FPGA-acceleration (Jan 2020)
Carl Ahlberg

Improving Differential Evolution with Adaptive and Local Search Methods (Dec 2019)
Miguel Leon Ortiz

Systematic Design and Analysis of Customized Data Management for Real-Time Database Systems (Nov 2019)
Simin Cai

Methods for Efficient and Adaptive Scheduling of Next-Generation Time-Triggered Networks (Oct 2019)
Francisco Pozo

Wearable Pedobarography System for Monitoring of Walk Related Parameters (Oct 2019)
Per Hellström

Automated Approaches for Formal Verification of Embedded Systems Artifacts (May 2019)
Predrag Filipovikj

Real-time signal processing in MEMS sensor-based motion analysis systems (Mar 2019)
Jiaying Du

Shaibal Barua

Multi-Criteria Optimization of System Integration Testing (Dec 2018)
Sahar Tahvili

Contracts-Based Maintenance of Safety Cases (Nov 2018)
Omar Jaradat

Utilizing Hardware Monitoring to Improve the Quality of Service and Performance of Industrial Systems (Oct 2018)
Marcus Jägemar

Assurance Aware Contract-Based Design for Safety-Critical Systems (Sep 2018)
Irfan Sljivo

GPU Support for Component-based Development of Embedded Systems (Sep 2018)
Gabriel Campeanu

Monitoring for Securing Clock Synchronization (Apr 2018)
Elena Lisova

An interactive health technology solution for encouraging physical activity (Mar 2018)
Anna Åkerberg
Doctoral Thesis (PhD Thesis)

Optimizing Timing-Critical Cloud Resources in a Smart Factory (Mar 2018)
Hamid Reza Faragardi

Quality Assurance for Dependable Embedded Systems (Jan 2018)
Andreas Johnsen

An Ontological Approach to Safety Analysis of Safety-Critical Systems (Jan 2018)
Jiale Zhou

A Model-driven Development Approach with Temporal Awareness for Vehicular Embedded Systems (Jan 2018)
Alessio Bucaioni

Consolidating Automotive Real-Time Applications on Many-Core Platforms (Dec 2017)
Matthias Becker
Doctoral Thesis (PhD Thesis)

On Pre-deployment Assessment and Security Bootstrapping of Industrial Communication Networks (Jun 2017)
Apala Ray

Real-Time Communication over Switched Ethernet with Resource Reservation (Nov 2016)
Mohammad Ashjaei

Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis-based HW/SW partitioning methodology for embedded applications (Nov 2016)
Gaetana Sapienza

Automatic Test Generation for Industrial Control Software (Oct 2016)
Eduard Paul Enoiu

Head-mounted Projection Display to Support and Improve Motion Capture Acting (Aug 2016)
Daniel Kade

Static Execution Time Analysis of Parallel Systems (May 2016)
Andreas Gustavsson

Limited Preemptive Scheduling in Real-time Systems (May 2016)
Abhilash Thekkilakattil

Relaying for Industrial Wireless Networks (Feb 2016)
Svetlana Girs

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