Hamid Reza Faragardi (not working at IDT anymore)

Hamid Reza Faragardi is a PhD student at Mälardalen University. He received his BSc degree in Computer Engineering in 2010, followed by a MSc in Computer Engineering from University of Tehran in 2012. Hamid is a member of the Complex Real-Time Embedded Systems (CORE) at Mälardalen Real-Time Research Center (MRTC).

Hamid's research look into the intersection of resource efficiency and predictability of embedded multi-core real-time systems. A particular focus has been on mapping of hard real-time Autosar runnables on multi-core systems.

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Latest publications:

Cuckoo-PC: An Evolutionary Synchronization-Aware Placement of SDN Controllers for Optimizing the Network Performance in WSNs (Jun 2020)
Shirin Tahmasebi , Mohadeseh Safi , Somayeh Zolfid , Mohammad Reza Maghsoudi , Hamid Reza Faragardi, Hossein Fotouhi
MDPI Sensors Journal, Special Issue on Software-Defined Networking for Sensor Networks and Internet of Things (SDN'20)

A Quantum-Annealing-Based Approach to Optimize the Deployment Cost of a Multi-Sink Multi-Controller WSN (Aug 2019)
Reinhard Gotzein , Nayereh Rasouli , Shirin Tahmasebi , Somayeh Zolfid , Hamid Reza Faragardi, Hossein Fotouhi
The 16th International Conference on Mobile Systems and Pervasive Computing (MobiSPC)

Optimized Allocation of Fault-tolerant Embedded Software with End-to-end Timing Constraints (May 2019)
Nesredin Mahmud, Cristina Seceleanu, Hamid Reza Faragardi, Guillermo Rodriguez-Navas, Saad Mubeen

A Budget-Constrained Placement of Controller Nodes for Maximizing the Network Performance in SDN-Enabled WSNs (Mar 2019)
Seyedeh Kosar Mousavi , Saber Fazliahmadi , Nayereh Rasouli , Hamid Reza Faragardi, Hossein Fotouhi, Thomas Fahringer
5th International Conference on Communication, Management and Information Technology (ICCMIT'19)

Power-aware Allocation of Fault-tolerant Multi-rate AUTOSAR Applications (Dec 2018)
Nesredin Mahmud, Guillermo Rodriguez-Navas, Hamid Reza Faragardi, Saad Mubeen, Cristina Seceleanu
25th Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference (APSEC'18)

An efficient placement of sinks and SDN controller nodes for optimizing the design cost of industrial IoT systems (Jun 2018)
Hamid Reza Faragardi, Maryam Vahabi, Hossein Fotouhi, Thomas Nolte, Thomas Fahringer
Special Issue Meta-heuristics in Cloud Computing (SPE)