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PROVIDENT: Predictable Software Development in Connected Vehicles Utilising Blended TSN-5G Networks active
xApp: Explainable AI for Industrial Applications active
A Digital Twin Framework for Dynamic and Robust Distributed Systems active
ACICS - Assured Cloud Platforms for Industrial Cyber-physical Systems active
ADAPT2030, Adaptive lifecycle design by applying digitalization and AI techniques to production - Adapt 2030 active
ADAPTER: Adaptive Learning and Information Fusion for Online Classification Based on Evolving Big Data Streams active
ADEPTNESS - Design-Operation Continuum Methods for Testing and Deployment under Unforeseen Conditions for Cyber-Physical Systems of Systems active
AI for Sustainable Food Production from Farm to Fork active
AIDOaRt - AI-augmented automation for efficient DevOps, a model-based framework for continuous development At RunTime in cyber-physical systems active
ARCUS, Autonomous reconnaissance capability for unmanned aerial systems active
ARRAY ++, Automation Region Research Academy active
ARRAY - Automation Region Research Academy active
AutoDeep: Automatic Design of Safe, High-Performance and Compact Deep Learning Models for Autonomous Vehicles active
Brain technology in stroke rehabilitation – increasing motor recovery active
BRAINSAFEDRIVE: A Technology to detect Mental States During Drive for improving the Safety of the road active
BUMBLE - Blended Modelling for Enhanced Software and Systems Engineering active
CEST - Commissioned Education in Software Testing active
CIRCLE LAB - innovative learning approach for circular chemistry in secondary education active
Cloud and the Industrial Internet of Things Initiative active
Collaborative Cloud Robotics active
CPMXai:Cognitive Predictive Maintenance and Quality Assurance using Explainable Ai and Machine Learning active
CTEDS, Cooperative Perimeter Protection with Heterogeneous Drone Swarms active
DAIS - Distributed Artificial Intelligent Systems active
DAISY- Dependable Autonomous System of Systems active
Demand-Driven Slicing active
Dependable AI in Safe Autonomous Systems active
DESTINE: Developing Predictable Vehicle Software Utilizing Time Sensitive Networking active
DIGICOGS:DIGital Twins for Industrial COGnitive Systems through Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence active
DPAC - Dependable Platforms for Autonomous systems and Control active
Efficient Safety in Complex Autonomous Production Environments - Concept Development active
FASTER-ΑΙ: Fully Autonomous Safety- and Time-critical Embedded Realization of Artificial Intelligence active
FIESTA - Federated Choreography of an Integrated Embedded Systems Software Architecture active
FitDrive: Monitoring devices for overall FITness of DRIVErs active
FuturAS: Future Generation Automation Systems active
Future factories in the Cloud active
Future Industrial Networks active
GreenDL: Green Deep Learning for Edge Devices active
GREENER: Intelligent energy management in connected construction sites active
HeatTrack: Enhanced Reliability, Monitoring and Diagnostics of Complex Cooling Systems through Advanced Thermal Management active
HERO: Heterogeneous systems - software-hardware integration active
HoPiiA+ active
Identifying key variables in monitoring of production processes in automotive industry: A deep learning method active
IndTech Digitala Stambanan active
IndTech Industrial Technology Graduate School active
InSecTT: Intelligent Secure Trustable Things active
International guest professor Luis Almeida active
Internet-of-things and Cloud for Smart Manufacturing active
ITS ESS-H Industrial Graduate School in Reliable Embedded Sensor Systems active
MACMa - Modeling and Analyzing Event-based Autonomous Systems - Software Center active
MALPA:Machine Learning for the prevention of occupational accidents in the construction industry active
Mission and Capability Engineering for Systems-of-Systems active
MobiFog: mobility management in Fog-assisted IoT networks active
Model-Based DevOps for Cyber-Physical System Product Lines active
Modeling and Analysis of Risks in Systems-of-Systems active
Morphological Computing in Cognitive Systems active
NFFP7-DYMA:System for dynamic matching of aviation maintenance capabilities and tactical needs using machine learning and big data active
ORPHEUS: systematic and reliable theory for model compilation active
PANORAMA - Boosting Design Efficiency for Heterogeneous³ Systems active
PDF: Personalized, Dynamic and Flexible Educational Model for Industrial Professionals active
PERformance-based Formal modelling and Optimal tRaffic Management for movING-block RAILway signalling active
Performant and Flexible digital Systems through Verifiable AI active
PICO - Philosophy of Information and Computing active
PRE-fall Personalized fall Risk reduction based on Early detection of deteriorated physical abilities active
PREST:Predictive Strategy using Machine Learning for Smart Test Case Selection active
PROMPT - Professional Master’s in Software Engineering (step II, phase B&C) active
PSI: Pervasive Self-Optimizing Computing Infrastructures active
RECOG: Closed-loop neurofeedback innovation for cognitive rehabilitation active
RELIANT Industrial graduate school: Reliable, Safe and Secure Intelligent Autonomous Systems active
SACSys - Safe and Secure Adaptive Collaborative Systems active
SafeCOP - Safe Cooperating Cyber-Physical Systems using Wireless Communication active
SafeDeep: Dependable Deep Learning for Safety-Critical Airborne Embedded Systems active
Safety Assurance in Continuous Deployment active
Self-supervised learning for predictive maintenance active
Serendipity - Secure and dependable platforms for autonomy active
SmartDelta: Automated Quality Assurance and Optimization in Incremental Industrial Software Systems Development active
Software Center active
Software Center: Aspects of Automated Testing active
Software Center: Managing Inconsistent Development Artefacts active
TAIPA - Taktil och ambient interaktion för processautomation active
TRYM: Trust your Metrics! active
VeriDevOps - Automated Protection and Prevention to Meet Security Requirements in DevOps Environments active
Volvo Group Arena active
WCET - Worst-Case Execution Time analysis active
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