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A railway mainline can be seen as a symbol that values are created when people and companies have the opportunity to communicate more effectively with each other. It happened physically when the railways were built in the 19th century and it now takes place in the form of digital exchange of information. Then as now, it is about a system change with a transformative impact on the industry.

IndTech Digitala Stambanan (IndTechDS) builds on the previous project Digitala Stambanan. IndTech is a term used to clarify the combination of industry needs and digitization capabilities. IndTech DS´s overall aim is to strengthen the competitiveness of Swedish raw material and processing and its ecosystem technology suppliers to increase the value of the raw material and products in the industrial value chains.The project is based on the results from the previous project Digitala Stambanan.

The goal is to turn digitalisation into business opportunities by:

  • Challenge Swedish industry in pursuing more datadriven business models in the value chain.
  • Be a test bed for more efficient use of data in collaboration and transactions between different actors through a number of concrete industry cases.
  • Explore further possibilities for efficiency through digitalisation of value chains. Create, gather and disseminate knowledge and experiences (Best practice) through the continued development of the industrial test bed and meeting place IndTech Lab.
  • Collect and make available demonstrators that are developed within the project.
  • Strengthen and develop cooperation within the process industry´s ecosystem where companies, institutes and academia contribute to increased competitiveness by taking advantage of data exchange and digitalisation.


Mälardalen University will primarily contribute with research on systems-of-systems, and in particular related to systems architecture and datadriven business models. This research will be carried out in close collaboration with industry partners.

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Higher-Level Capabilities of System-of-Systems Constituents: A Case of Industrial Ecosystems (Jun 2023)
Jakob Axelsson, Peter Eriksson
18th Annual System Of Systems Engineering Conference (SoSE2023)

Systems-of-Systems and Digital Twins: A Survey and Analysis of the Current Knowledge (Jun 2023)
Thomas Olsson , Jakob Axelsson
18th Annual System Of Systems Engineering Conference (SoSE2023)

Systems-of-Systems Design Patterns: A Systematic Literature Review and Synthesis (Aug 2022)
Jakob Axelsson
17th IEEE International Conference on System of Systems Engineering (SoSE2022)

Jakob Axelsson, Professor

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