The systems-of-systems (SoS) research group studies complex socio-technical systems in which the constituent elements have a certain degree of independence. Some of the topics investigated are methods for modeling and analysis of SoS, architecture, risk management, and value creation.

The systems-of-systems (SoS) research group studies all aspects relevant to the understanding and development of complex systems where the constituent parts are themselves systems with some independence. The constituent systems collaborate to achieve shared interests, while also retaining their individual objectives.

The research interests of the group are broad, and include a number of topics related to SoS:

  • SoS development: Methods and tools for modeling, analysis, and simulation; SoS architecting; and processes and methods for collaborative engineering.

  • SoS value creation: Business models; software and data ecosystems; and issues of trust (including risk, safety, security).

  • SoS fundamentals: Theoretical concepts; socio-technical aspects; and intelligent collaborations.

Most of the research in the group is done in collaboration with industry or societal actors. Application domains include transportation, construction, process and manufacturing industries, crisis management, energy, aerospace, and defense.

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Towards Formalizing a Systems of Systems Core Ontology for Capability Configuration, a SysML Approach (Mar 2024)
Joyce Martin, Johan Cederbladh
Conference on Systems Engineering Research 2024 (CSER24)

Higher-Level Capabilities of System-of-Systems Constituents: A Case of Industrial Ecosystems (Jun 2023)
Jakob Axelsson, Peter Eriksson
18th Annual System Of Systems Engineering Conference (SoSE2023)

Systems-of-Systems and Digital Twins: A Survey and Analysis of the Current Knowledge (Jun 2023)
Thomas Olsson , Jakob Axelsson
18th Annual System Of Systems Engineering Conference (SoSE2023)

Navigating the Cyber-Security Risks and Economics of System-of-Systems (Jun 2023)
Terese Besker , Ulrik Franke , Jakob Axelsson
18th Annual System Of Systems Engineering Conference (SoSE2023)

Towards a Core Ontology for Missions and Capabilities in Systems of Systems (Jun 2023)
Joyce Martin, Jakob Axelsson, Jan Carlson, Jagadish Suryadevara
18th Annual System Of Systems Engineering Conference (SoSE2023)

Towards a Risk Analysis Method for Systems of Systems: A Case Study on Wildfire Rescue Operations (May 2023)
Marjorie Pettersson, Jakob Axelsson, Pontus Svenson , Anna Johansson
20th Annual Global Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management (ISCRAM 2023)

Jakob Axelsson, Professor

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