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Embedded systems (ES) is the most research-intensive research profile at Mälardalen University and a national leader in Embedded Systems research. The research is organized in six mutually supportive focus areas, where research groups have core areas and supported areas. Together our research groups contribute to these areas as shown by the diagram below.

Research areas

  • Real-time systems: Focus on methods and algorithms to construct predictable real-time software. Special areas of interest include execution-time analysis, response-time analysis and predictable run-time systems.
  • Software engineering: Focus on methods, processes and tools for development of large-scale industrial software. Special focus is on software component models and model-based software engineering.
  • Dependable systems: Focus on techniques and technologies to build dependable software systems. Dependability aspects include safety, reliability, availability and security.
  • Verification and validation: focus on techniques and tools for verification and validation of embedded software. Special focus on model-based testing and model-checking of timed and architectural models.
  • Sensor systems and health: focus on reliability of non-invasive physiological data acquisition methods, and reliable signal processing of measurement data and artifacts. The area also includes wireless communication of sensor data with reliable, safe and secure data transfer.
  • Robotics and avionics: Autonomous vehicles under water and in space. Focus on dependable vehicle-electronics, high speed stereo vision and artificial intelligence.
 Research Areas
Research GroupsDependable SystemsReal-time SystemsRobotics and AvionicsSensor Systems and HealthSoftware EngineeringVerification and Validation
Biomedical Engineeringsupported areasupported area core area  
Complex Real-Time Embedded Systemssupported areacore area  supported areasupported area
Dependable Software Engineeringcore areasupported area  supported areasupported area
Formal Modelling and Analysis of Embedded Systems supported area  supported areacore area
Industrial Software Engineeringsupported areasupported area  core areasupported area
Intelligent Systems  supported areacore area  
Model-Based Engineering of Embedded Systems core area  core areasupported area
Programming Languagessupported areacore area  supported areacore area
Real-Time Systems Design core areacore area  supported areasupported area
Robotics and Avionics  core area   
Safety-critical Engineeringsupported area supported area core areasupported area
Software Testing Laboratory supported area  supported areacore area
Ubiquitous Computing supported areasupported areasupported areacore area 
Wireless Communicationsupported areasupported areasupported areacore area  

core area core area supported area supported area

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