Filip Markovic (not working at IDT anymore)

Filip's main research interest is the area of probabilistic and statistical analysis in Real-Time Computing (RTC). RTC is an area of computer science that deals with systems where the correctness of the computation depends on the time when it is delivered. RTC is essential for virtually all industries at the foundation of modern society such as health-care, transportation, and manufacturing. If in such systems timing requirements are not met, i.e., if computers take action in the physical world at the wrong time, then consequences can be critical, e.g., fatal amount of radiation exposed to the patient or traffic crashes, etc.

The RTC field studies mathematical analyses to safely assess the temporal behaviour of such systems.

The probabilistic RTC field studies the use of probability theory and statistics to safely assess the temporal behaviour of cyber-physical systems. And it is super interesting. 

Prior to his work on probabilistic RTC, during his PhD years, Filip has researched about preemptive scheduling, a scheduling paradigm within teal-time computing. He has also worked on:

  • Cache-related preemption delay estimations
  • Preemption Point Selection
  • Integration of worst-case execution time, CRPD and shedulability analysis
  • and many more.
PhD students supervised as assistant supervisor:

Anna Friebe