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IDT open Seminar - Prof. Samim Konjicija and Prof. Haris Šupić: University of Sarajevo, education and reasearch.


Haris Šupić and Samim Konjicija



Start time:

2017-05-19 10:30

End time:

2017-05-19 12:00



Contact person:



This presentation is intended to give an overview of the facts about the University of Sarajevo, and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Beside organization of Higher Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina, existing study programs will be briefly presented as well as a general overview of current research projects.

In the second part of the talk, research projects realized as part of international co-operation will also be presented, as well as research topics in which master and PhD students were involved. Finally an overview of the current research activities will be presented, in particular related to Case-based Reasoning in continuous domains. CBR systems have traditionally been used to perform high-level reasoning in problem domains that can be adequately described using discrete, symbolic representations. Although many continuous situations seem appropriate for case-based reasoning, a general formal framework is still missing. Continuous domains are domains where cases are generated from a continuous data stream. Continuous problem domains require different representations and place additional constraints on the problem-solving process. This presentation will give an insight into a case representational scheme that is appropriate for application of case based reasoning approach in continuous domains


Dr. Samim Konjicija is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Sarajevo. Currently he is also Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and involved in introduction of new study programs in fields of software engineering and embedded systems. His main research interest include embedded systems, heuristic algorithms, machine learning, optimization and optimal control. Samim is author of the book "Heuristic Algorithms" (in Bosnian), the book chapter in "Foundations of Computational Intelligence, Vol. 3" (Springer) and over 30 articles in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings. He is actively involved in various projects both in industry and academia.

Dr. Haris Šupić is a Professor at the Department of Computing and Informatics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Sarajevo, where he teaches courses: Algorithms and Data Structures, Automata and Formal Languages and Multimedia Systems. Haris Šupić received his Diploma of Electrical Engineering from University of Zagreb, Croatia, in 1993. He also received his M.S. degree and his Ph.D degree in Computer Science from University of Zagreb, Croatia, in 1997 and 2005. His research interests include Case-based reasoning, Image retrieval and E-learning systems. He is currently Vice Dean for Scientific Research at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.