HoPiiA - Horizon 2020 and Process Industrial IT and Automation



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HoPiiA's purpose is to lobby for PiiA's area (Process Industrial IT and Automation) within the EU framework program for research and innovation, "Horizon 2020".

  • HoPiiAs goals are to
  1. Refine and formulate area-specific research interests
  2. Identify programs that are of interest to influence
  3. Make contacts between Piia and relevant functions at national and EU level
  4. Communicate the contents in the right fora and at the right time, to ensure calls that support the area´s research and development
  5. Support new applications

The work consists of analysis, formulation and communication:

Specify the requirements best suited to be tackled in Horizon 2020
Examine how existing strategies and announcements can be improved, expanded or strengthened
The work also consists of identifying the ´addressee´ venues and equip ´agents´.

Gunnar Widforss, Senior Project Manager

Email: gunnar.widforss@mdh.se
Phone: +46706922763