Third Eye: An Intelligent Assisting Aid for Older Individuals with a Recently Acquired Visual Impairment



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The proposed project ‘Third Eye’ is focused on the advanced research and development on an intelligent assisting aid (IAA) to support older individuals with a recently acquired visual impairment. The IAA will be developed based on a combination of sensors (Ultrasounds/Radio frequencies), camera (Image based) and adaptive algorithms embedded in common daily-life tools (e.g. white-cane/walker/glasses). The proposed ‘Third Eye’ has the potential to fundamentally revolutionize the way embedded-systems function and the services they can deliver in health and welfare. The main goal in this project is to provide a feasible solution to older persons with a recently acquired visual impairment. The project challenges central to embedded systems and aims to show how these can be constructed and applied using a combination of sensors, camera and adaptive algorithms. Here, the vision of the Third Eye is to enable exploration of advanced research and develop a feasible assisting aid through embedded
systems to support older individuals with visual impairment in activity and participation. 

Mobyen Uddin Ahmed, Professor

Room: U1-089
Phone: +46-021-107369