Food4Health: A Personalized System for Adaptive Mealtime Situations for Elderly



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The proposed project ‘Food4Health’ focuses on the advanced research and development to support older individuals with more enjoyable mealtime situation. The main goal in this project is to provide an individual adaptive mealtime situation solution based on data mining to support elderly people at home care. The project will develop individual mealtime knowledge base that will represent a cluster of individuals within a particular age, health condition, food choices, patterns, environmental situations, etc. and this will help to find out user’s need in this area. Data mining algorithms e.g., clustering will then be applied to discover knowledge from the gathered data to assist in providing personalized solution. Here, the vision of the Food4Health project is to develop a digitized system that supports to make mealtime situation as easy and enjoyable as possible by providing appropriate knowledge to personals/caregivers who are working in this area. This will in turn increase the quality of life for elderly and reduce the cost for the elderly home care.

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Food4You: A Personalized System for Adaptive Mealtime Situations for Elderly (Oct 2017)
Shahina Begum, Birgitta Kerstis , Shaibal Barua, Hanna Westerlund , Cecilia Hjortsberg
Medicinteknikdagarna 2017 (MTD 2017)

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