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Driver Monitoring in the Context of Autonomous Vehicle


The original version of this article is here:

Publication Type:

Conference/Workshop Paper


The 13th Scandinavian Conference on Artificial Intelligence


Today research is on-going within different essential functions needed to bring automatic vehicles to the roads. However, there will be manual driven vehicles for many years before it is fully automated vehicles on roads. In complex situations, automated vehicles will under long time need human assistance. So, for road safety driver monitoring is even more important in the context of autonomous vehicle to keep the driver alert and awake. But, limited effort has been done in total integration between automatic vehicle and human driver. Therefore, human drivers need to be monitored and able to take over control within short notice. This papers provides a overview on autonomous vehicles and un-obstructive driver monitoring approaches that can be implemented in future autonomous vehicles to monitor driver e.g., to diagnose and predict stress, fatigue etc. in semi-automated vehicles.


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