Information Design


The group of Information Design research focus on information and communication processes while analysing and interpretating representations in the form of images, spaces and texts in a design context.

Our research starts out from the needs of individuals (so-called Human-centered Design) and comprises the analysis and interpretation of representations in the form of images, spaces and texts. Design research is closely related to practice and requires researchers to be able to turn theory into practice, and vice versa. This work is done both individually and in teams. Research in design and visualisation is not only focused on actual products. Our focus on design and communication processes, and the ensuing perceptual and cognitive processes, is equally important. For example, we are interested in the ways in which individuals understand and perceive information, how they communicate inside an organisation or with society at large. In our group, research is being done on the way in which the room or place can support various processes in an organisation, and how rooms and spatial arrangements affect the experiences and understanding of individuals. Other ongoing areas of research are visual communication, design processes, and the visualisation of information and information technology.

Yvonne Eriksson, Professor

Phone: +46 (0)16 163699