Alberto Hernández Espinosa, Doctoral student (not working at IDT anymore)

  1. Objectives of the PhD project are to investigate:
  2. - the Wolfram’s approach based on his Principle of Computational Equivalence.
  3. - Wolfram’s approach to cognitive phenomena.
  4. - approach of computationalism.
  5. - the main objections that have been imposed to computationalism
  6. - identify peculiarities of Wolframs approach and compare them with standard computationalism view.
  7. - assess whether differences in the Wolfram’s approach are able to answer and overcome objections to computationalism imposed.

Supervisin team for Alberto Hernández Espinosa:
the main supervisor Francisco Hernández Quiroz, UNAM Mexico
Hector Zenil, Wolfram Research
Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic MDH, CTH & GU