Joakim Örneskans, Industrial Doctoral Student

Joakim Örneskans is Manager of all Systems Development at First Control Systems AB. He earned a Civil Engineer degree in Engineering Physics at Linköping university in 1998. Since 1995 he has been working as a Software Developer and Project Manager at the family company First Control Systems AB. He has a very broad experience in all aspects of automation, including developing three generations of control systems (PLC) and a general Scada Network. Joakim is responsible for the recent system XC05ix. He has also worked as Software Manager in a large number of delivery projects within the steel and energy areas.

This PhD project is conducted in conjunction with the development of an intelligent automation module which includes not only normal control (PLC) functions but also incorporates the most recent research in AI and IoT within the same unit. An internal graphical language will determine how the functions are used and executed, similar to other already exiting advanced functions, e.g., self-tuning control and internal real-time simulation of process models described in the Modelica language. Each new function must however be specially adapted to its use and expressed in such a way that it can be used by a standard engineer without special software skills. Special focus in this project will be on IoT functions, how they can be used in a realistic way in a control system framework with preserved safety for the unit. We will also include new adaptive techniques such as adaptive neural networks and so-called adaptive optimizers.