Computer Science Paradigms in Gender Research Perspective



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The aim of this project is to develop new possible, broader understandings and interpretations of Computer Science and its practices, starting in analysis of existing paradigms and knowledge processes within Computer Science and how these interact in forming the activities within the discipline (education, research and development of applications). A starting point and special target of the project is the underrepresentation of women within Computer Science, where possibly the way that Computer Science is defined, described and taught can be a factor of importance. Broadening the definition and understanding of the nature of Computer Science is of vital importance for a sustainable increase in women`s participation in Computer Science.
Computer Science is a fairly young science, which is still under formation and subject of many discussions regarding core character and content. Examples of interesting questions deal with how male and female students and faculty understand and create knowledge and images of concepts, for example how male and female students learn and understand programming. The aim of this research is to create knowledge in the field, which would strengthen and improve education, and possibly also influence research, within Computer Science.
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Christina Björkman Senior Lecturer
Lena Trojer