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The two main objectives of this project is 1) to contribute to the research and development of next generation of smart collaborative robotics and 2) to get an understanding of prioritization of related challenges from a business perspective such that research conducted not only is scientifically excellent but also industrially relevant.

The project aims at enabling sustained real-time cloud computing, taking a cross-layer vertical view of smart embedded systems, and simultaneously addressing architecture, platform and algorithmic issues to support the right level of Quality-of-Service to achieve predictable real-time performance. The driving application is cloud-enabled robot control allowing for real-time enhanced 3D modeling, motion and planning that are beyond the capacity of stand-alone robots. The project emerges from a collaboration between MDH and ABB and it brings together academic and industrial experts in the central topics of robotic services, adaptive and predictive algorithms, real-time distributed architectures and parallel execution platforms, to generate ground-breaking contributions to the state-of-the-art.

Apart from scientific publications, the expected results include an extended project portfolio of new research projects involving MDH and ABB as well as an increased knowledge transfer between MDH and ABB, allowing for a next generation of smart embedded systems enhanced with emerging complex functionality available through real-time cloud services.

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Thomas Nolte Professor
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Thomas Nolte, Professor

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