Process Industrial Big Data Analytics



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The project is based on a planning grant for a large proposal in ICT-15-2017

Process industries produces enormous amounts of data and have a high automation degree, but has run into a dead end using many traditional methods. The data multiplies, but the tools to use the information are lacking. Big Data is a perfect match to handle the challenges of process industry, not least the energy challenge. Since the process industry consumes large amount of energy, even small savings will affect the global energy use. R Evans &al showed, eg how use of Big Data technology dramatically affected the energy use in Google's data center. R. Evans, J. Gao "DeepMind AI reduces energy used for cooling Google data centers by 40%" ENVIRONMENT JUL 20, 2016 This project aims at optimising the plant, with lowest possible cost and highest possible quality, using machine learning and other methodologies to activate the enormous amount of data that already is available in process industry, to improve the productivity and decrease the use of resources, both feedstock and energy. 

Gunnar Widforss, Senior Project Manager

Phone: +46706922763