COMSED - Communication for Small Embedded Devices

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Communication for small embedded devices pose several challenging problems, two of these are addressed in this project. One problem is how to minimize the resource consumption of the communication subsystem in such small embedded devices, while still maintaining performance and predictability. This includes the study of how to minimize code sizes and memory usage, as well as how to design protocols for communication in a network of such systems so that the protocols themselves minimize resource utilization in the network, while still achieving good and predictable performance. The other problem that is studied is how to use proxies to offload small embedded devices. Research has so far concentrated on so-called front end proxies, where communication is routed through proxies and thus terminated short of the small embedded. In this project, we will study back-end proxies, where communication is terminated beyond the small embedded device. The semantics of systems with such proxies and their performance is central to the project.

Mats Björkman, Professor

Room: U1-141
Phone: +46-21-107037