Comprehensive internationalization through digitalization, innovation and global-regional coproduction



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Mälardalen University (MDH) has a strong profile on coproduction with the industry, society and public sector, with many years of experience in developing methods and results within that setting. The university commits in its strategy to deliver research and knowledge for the benefit of the society and strongly believes that this concept developed and successfully implemented in Sweden also can be successful in an international context. In this project, we will coproduce internationally with universities in two neighbouring countries of Latin America, Colombia and Panama, as well as their regional partners, to support and develop several strategic internationalization initiatives at all three universities. Our goal is to make significant steps forward in integrating internationalization in our core mission education and research, by implementing a set of actions together with our partners, including virtual exchange, lifelong learning, global-regional development and innovation and entrepreneurship. The project involves several different organisational units and disciplines supporting internal cooperation and adding multidisciplinary dimensions to the international partnerships. The project been discussed, and is strongly supported, on all significant levels, including vice-chancellors, school and faculty deans, administration, and the faculty members. We all expect a strong impact on the strategic university level of the participating partners.

Damir Isovic, Associate Professor,Dean of School

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