Real-time Architecture for Networked Multimedia Streaming systems



In a few years` time, most home entertainment devices, such as TV sets and VCRs, will be fully digital, demanding computing methods to match strict temporal demands of audio and visual perception. Consequently, the concept of ´one cable - one box´ will be replaced with pictures and videos available where and when demanded in-home as part of ambient intelligence in the living space. Similarly, video transmission and communication over mobile phone is already starting to become commonplace. Key challenges to be addressed include specification of stream and resource characteristics, high demands on processing and timely delivery of multimedia streams, wireless communication between devices and transmission of streams, and architectures for the integration of numbers of devices from various manufactures with diverse demands and capabilities. This project is planned to work on real-time architectures for networked multimedia streaming systems. The project in this area faces challenges on a theoretical level, as new algorithms have to be developed which can match the varying multimedia streams with the varying network and CPU resources, with experimental aspects, as many parameters and trade-offs for the algorithms have to come from experiments and cannot be “calculated”, all the way to implementation work, developing and implementing new architectures for system capable of handle such networked streaming issues.

Larisa Rizvanovic, Doctoral student

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