User friendly H.264 for Realtime Editing



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The research project is aimed to support effective and quick browsing of multimedia content over network through full Video Cassette Recording (VCR) functionality. The set of full VCR functionality includes several play-back operations, such as forward, backward, step-forward, step-backward, fast-forward, fast-backward and random access. Among them, the backward, fast-forward/backward and random access are the trick operations which can put very high demands on network bandwidth and CPU computation capacity, due to the inter prediction technique used widely in video coding standards such as MPEG4. The scope of this project is to analyze video encoding and file format parameters in order to produce MPEG4 compliant (or with minor extensions) video streams that enables good performance and smooth VCR functionality in applications such as Video-On-Demand system and video editing program.

Gerhard Fohler, Professor