PG-Pla-INC – Information Centric development of component-based embedded real-time systems



The current trend in real-time system is an ever growing complexity. One of the key factors that constitute this complexity is the amount of data and data flow in a system. The starting point and the belief of this project is that adopting an information centric-view, rather than using existing ad hoc approaches for information handling, when developing and maintaining these systems is a way of alleviating this complexity.The work in this project includes developing an information-centric approach to data management for development and maintenance of component-based embedded real-time systems. The aim of the project is to use a real-time database management system (RTDBMS) to manage data in the development and maintenance of real-time systems, i.e., data flow between components is modeled by a systematic database management concept. The RTDBMS will be placed in a component-based development setting where data management constitutes one view, the information-centric view, of the system. This allows data management to become naturally introduced into the design and architecture of control-systems.

Dag Nyström, Director of Education,Senior Lecturer

Room: U1-073
Phone: +46-21-107042