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An Operational Semantics for the Execution of PLEX in a Shared Memory Architecture



Publication Type:

Report - MRTC




Programming Language for EXchanges, PLEX, is a pseudoparallel and event-driven real-time language developed by Ericsson. It is designed for, and used in, central parts of the AXE telephone switching system. The language has a signal paradigm as its top execution level, and it is event-based in the sense that only events, encoded as signals, can trigger code execution. Due to the fact that a PLEX program file consists of several independent subprograms, in combination with an execution model where new jobs are spawned and put in queues, we also classify the language as pseudo-parallel. In previous works, we have presented a structural operational semantics for sequential execution of PLEX in the current singleprocessor architecture, i.e., a specification/formalization of the behavior of PLEX in the system as it is today. In this report, we extend our previous work by specifying the semantics for a restricted parallel implementation of the language.


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