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Conference/Workshop Paper (6)

Data Field Haskell (Sep 2000)
Jonas Holmerin , Björn Lisper
Proc. Fourth Haskell Workshop

Elemental Function Overloading in Explicitly Typed Languages (Sep 2000)
Claes Thornberg , Björn Lisper
Proc. 12th International Workshop of Implementation of Functional Languages

Development of Parallel Algorithms in Data Field Haskell (Aug 2000)
Jonas Holmerin , Björn Lisper
Proc. Euro-Par 2000

Development and Verification of Parallel Algorithms in the Data Field Model (Jul 2000)
Björn Lisper, Jonas Holmerin
Proc. 2nd Int. Workshop on Constructive Methods for Parallel Programming

Data fields (Jun 1998)
Björn Lisper
Proc. International Workshop on Generic Programming

Extent analysis of data fields (Sep 1994)
Björn Lisper, J.-F. Collard
International Symposium on Static Analysis

Report - MRTC (1)

The Data Field Model (Jun 2001)
Björn Lisper, Per Hammarlund

Report (1)

Implementing Data Fields in Haskell (Nov 1999)
Jonas Holmerin

Student Thesis (1)

Reimplementing Data Field Haskell (Apr 2007)
Jesper Simos

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