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Doctoral Thesis (1)

Algorithms and Protocols Enhancing Mobility Support for Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Bluetooth and Zigbee (Sep 2006)
Javier Garcia Castaño

Conference/Workshop Paper (5)

Extending monitoring time of bluetooth patient adhoc networks. (Nov 2005)
Javier Garcia Castaño, Mikael Ekström
IEEE EMBEC05 European Medical & Biological Engineering Conference

Blueware Extensions for Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks (Jun 2004)
Javier Garcia Castaño, Mikael Ekström
IEEE First IFIP International Conference on Wireless and Optical Communications Networks WOCN 2004

Wireless IEEE 488.2 Test Systems Based on Bluetooth [trademark] (Sep 2003)
Javier Garcia Castaño, Mikael Ekström, Denny Åberg, Ylva Bäcklund
IEEE Systems Readiness Technology Conference (AUTOTESTCON 2003)

Wireless industrial sensor monitoring based on Bluetooth/spl trade/ (Aug 2003)
Javier Garcia Castaño, Jens Lönnblad, Mikael Ekström, Ylva Bäcklund
Industrial Informatics, 2003. INDIN 2003

Wireless information system for medical data (Dec 2002)
Javier Garcia Castaño, Mikael Ekström, Ylva Bäcklund

Student Thesis (1)

Simulation of Bluetooth™ Scatternet for battery life optimization (Mar 2006)
David Espinosa Alfaro

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