Simon Mählkvist, Industrial Doctoral Student

Simon Mählkvist is a Research Engineer at Kanthal. He holds a Master of Science in engineering from Mälardalens University. On his spare time, he like to engage in various activities. From TV-games to boards games to hiking to Padel.

In this PhD project we work towards the advancement of the fully-integrated industry by digitalizing the conventional metalworking industry for smart manufacturing. A challenge to this lies in coordinating the different aspects of smart manufacturing, i.e., data analytics, internet of things, and robotics while developing and implementing a generic reference architecture. To achieve this, we will develop process models with considerations towards physics-based adaptation techniques, statistical trend detection, model predictive control, and advanced diagnostic. Focus will be given on demonstrating a generic strategy or framework for physics-based and AI-based diagnostics and decision support that works for different processes with relatively little adaptation.