Chongchul Kim, Industrial Doctoral Student (not working at IDT anymore)

Chongchul Kim is a Technology Specialist within power electronics and electric drive systems at Volvo CE, Eskilstuna. His research is focused on intelligence electric energy optimization in construction machine and site. He specializes in developing power electronics, including electric motors, power converters and charging technology. He is currently investigating how these systems are implemented in hybrid and fully electric construction equipment and site solution.

In this PhD project we focus on developing a system for intelligent energy contents optimization (IECO) for a generalized construction site. The work will combine intelligent technologies for active power electronics (PE), smart micro-grid and electrified construction site. Challenges to be addressed include: 1) connectivity of the local smart micro-grid (DC) with the local grid and dealing with load balancing and energy storage, 2) control algorithms, diagnostics and decision support in the presence of uncertainty for the active PE incorporating signal synchronization and real-time measurements, 3) advanced electrified machines used in the construction site, and 4) trade-off at size level between productivity, energy efficiency and durability when using electrified machines and a segmented setup. The system will be based primarily on Python, Matlab and Modelica language and will consider physics-based electromechanical models, and statistical or machine-learning based models, sensor measurements, statistical trend detection, model predictive control, advanced diagnostics and decision support using Bayesian networks. Focus will be given on a generic site perspective and how to optimize the electrical energy contents in a more general way including scenario analysis. This project is carried out in collaboration among Volvo CE and MDH.