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ASE: Automated Software Engineering



Start time:

2014-09-14 08:30

End time:

2014-09-19 16:00


Aros Congress Center, Västerås

Contact person:


World-leading computer researchers to meet in Västerås

On 14-19 September Västerås will be the host city for the international conference ASE2014, which is being arranged by Mälardalen University (MDH), and at which more than 250 participants from academia and industry will gather to learn about the latest research in software development.

ASE stands for Automated Software Engineering and is an annual international conference on automated software development, an area of research in which MDH is internationally outstanding. This year’s conference is being arranged at Aros Congress Center in Västerås, and last year it took place in Palo Alto in California.

- We are very proud to be able to arrange ASE2014. It is the 29th time the conference is being held but it has never been in Sweden. People compete to be able to arrange it and we beat both London and Beijing, says Ivica Crnkovic, Professor of Industrial Software Engineering at MDH.

ASE2014 is the second time within a short period that MDH attracts world-leading researchers in computer science, and the conference offers a unique opportunity for cooperation between researchers all over the world, and between academia and industry.

- We have been working with preparations for the conference for two years and it’s exciting that the time has finally come. For researchers and doctoral students at MDH, and also for industrial cooperation partners in the region, ASE2014 provides a unique opportunity to get updated on what is at the forefront of research – and of course to cooperate and network with experts from all over the world. For MDH, as well as for the City of Västerås and the companies in the region, the conference is an opportunity to show who we are to the international research community in computer engineering, says Malin Rosqvist, who is the project manager together with Ivica Crnkovic.

Software development is about finding a systematic, disciplined and measurable way to develop, use and maintain software, in other words a computer programme. Now research is being done to automate parts of that development; for example a new programme should be able to generate and carry out a test of itself while the developer is creating it. The goal is to streamline the work and to produce programmes of higher quality. At the same time the work must be done in a secure way while retaining control – the computers must not be allowed to take all the decisions themselves.

Contact persons:
Malin Rosqvist, Local chair ASE, 021-103112

Ivica Crnkovic, General chair ASE
Professor of Industrial Software Engineering, 021-103183

Ivica Crnkovic,