KISEK - Collaborative Internationalisation of Software Engineering in Croatia



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The main KISEK project objective is founding of a network of competence centres on Croatian universities as crystallisation points for various activities in the field of software engineering.

Specific project goals:

Advancement of cooperation among state institutions, universities and industry by establishing a network of competence centres (public private partnership).

Support for internationalisation of Croatian universities “bottom-up” by internationalisation and Europeanization of technical universities, in this case within the field of software engineering and ICT.

Training of teaching and administrative staff by European project partners; ´know-how´ transfer, field learning.

Strategic positioning and setting up of “Made in Croatia” brand on regional and EU software engineering and ICT markets.

Support to quality assurance in higher education (undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies, internationalisation of education) and professional education (life long learning) , according to European standards, in the field of software engineering and ICT.

Establishment of strategic partnerships with local and international partners for participation in national and European projects.


Mälardalen University
University of Osijek
University of Split
e-Hrvatska: The Central State Administrative Office for e-Croatia
HrOpen - Croatian Society for Open Systems and Internet
Ericsson Nikola Tesla d.d.
Končar d.d.
RING datacom d.o.o.

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Ivica Crnkovic Professor