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ISO 26262 is the new standard that focuses on automotive functional safety and defines the to-be-applied safety life-cycle by describing how electrical and/or electronic systems should be developed and assessed. ISO 26262 requires the provision of a safety case, which is an argument used to convince the assessors involved in the certification process that the product is acceptably safe which means that intolerable hazards are eliminated or mitigated. Without a convincing safety case, a product cannot be sold. Thus the creation of a safety case is necessary and extremely relevant in the automotive domain. The proposed 12-moth project spread over 2 years is called “Gen&ReuseSafetyCases”. Based on SSF SYNOPSIS results, the main project goal is to reduce time and cost during the creation of families of safety cases by systematizing reuse and enabling automatic generation. To achieve the goal, the work to be performed mainly consists of: 1) delimitation of the portion of the safety life-cycle to be deeply investigated as well as define the Scania product line to be investigated; 2) identification and analysis of the current state of practice in specifying variants at Scania; 3) planning, exploration and development of solutions for the creation of reusable safety case fragments; 4) demonstration of results; 5) results validation. The expected results are: master theses, demonstrator integrated within an existing tool-chain; technical reports and scientific publications. 

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Barbara Gallina Associate Professor
Mattias Nyberg

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Pioneering the Creation of ISO 26262-compliant OSLC-based Safety Cases (Oct 2017)
Barbara Gallina, Mattias Nyberg
The 7th IEEE International Workshop on Software Certification (WoSoCer 2017)

Modeling Product-Line Legacy Assets Using Multi-Level Theory (Sep 2017)
Damir Nesic , Mattias Nyberg , Barbara Gallina
5th International Workshop on Reverse Variability Engineering (REVE-2017)

Promoting MBA in the Rail Sector by Deriving Process-related Evidence via MDSafeCer (Dec 2016)
Barbara Gallina, Elena Gómez-Martínez , Clara Benac Earle
Computer Standards & Interfaces -SPICE-2016 Special Issue (CSI SPICE-2016)

Towards an ISO 26262-compliant OSLC-based Tool Chain Enabling Continuous Self-assessment (Sep 2016)
Barbara Gallina, Kathyayani Padira , Mattias Nyberg
10th International Conference on the Quality of Information and Communications Technology- Track: Quality Aspects in Safety Critical Systems (QUATIC-2016)

Towards Shaping ISO 26262-compliant Resources for OSLC-based Safety Case Creation (Sep 2016)
Barbara Gallina, Julieth Patricia Castellanos Ardila, Mattias Nyberg
4th International Workshop on Critical Automotive Applications: Robustness & Safety (CARS-2016)

Model-Based Verification of Safety Requirements (Jul 2016)
Elena Gómez-Martínez , Clara Benac Earle , Barbara Gallina
“Informática para tod@s: Una celebración de ACM-W” 2016 (ACM-W-2016)

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