Artificiell Intelligens för att förvandla kvalitetsregister till individanpassat beslutstöd i vården, 2017-01555



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Sweden is a leading country in quality registry, a valuable source of knowledge and for improving procedures and treatments. Most registries contain longitudinal data connected to treatments and their outcome which can lead to more reliable prognosis and treatment for patients in future. The national quality registries are rarely used for individualized decision support since this has not been a prioritized focus and funding area until now. By combining methods and techniques from Artificial Intelligence and informatics clinical decision suport systems can be produced enabling physicians and health care professionals to improve treatment on a personalized level. To develop such a system, we will use a large national registry for cerebral palsy (called CPUP) with more than 4500 records for children, youths and adults. The registry contains information about their joint mobility, pain level, ability to walk, x-ray, operations and treatments with longitudinal data up to 20 years. An AI based decision support system will take the current patients specific circumstances into account and apply AI methods such as `knowledge discovery´ and Case-Based Reasoning to identify relations in the registry seen from the individual perspective. In the project we have leading experts in the areas: Gunnar Hägglund, professor and one of the leading experts in Cerebral palsy; Elisabet Rodby Bousquet, PhD, researcher and national coordinator for the CPUP registry; Peter Funk, professor in computer science/artificial intelligence with extensive research in AI based decision support systems.

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