SUCCESS: Safety assurance of Cooperating Construction Equipment in Semi-automated Sites



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Current industrial focus is on cooperating system of systems (SoS) to provide innovative products, newer functionalities, and better services at reduced costs. Bestowing higher levels of automation and autonomy to computer-controlled systems is another trend aimed at providing a whole new set of self-X capabilities. Such systems referred to as Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS) are expected to touch upon every aspect of human lives. The boundaries between Information Technologies and operational Technologies are getting increasingly blurred in these systems, bringing forth many challenges in assuring safety in environments such as autonomous production systems, health care, autonomous transportation etc.  Lack of adequate standards and legislation covering system of systems with respect to ownership and liabilities makes it even more complex.


The proposed Project by Mälardalen University aims to explore these challenges in an ongoing futuristic project at VCE (Volvo AB) and plan to demonstrate Safety assurance of Cooperating Construction Equipment in a Semi-automated quarry Site (SUCCESS). Specifically, we plan to investigate and adapt hazard analysis techniques suitable for RASs, model safety assurance using contract formalisms and extensions, and demonstrate assurance cases (including dynamic aspects) and their confidence estimations. We also expect to identify potential themes for safety certification of RAS.

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Sasikumar Punnekkat, Professor

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