CIRCLE LAB - innovative learning approach for circular chemistry in secondary education

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According to reports, circular economy could help boost EU GDP by EUR 1.8 trillion by 2030, result in over 1 million new jobs across the EU by 2030, and be central to cutting greenhouse gas emissions (Ellen MacArthur et al. 2015) and the chemical industry could be at the forefront of this transition by offering innovative solution for a better use of the materials and energy sources. (CEFIC; 2019) However a few challenges are preventing a smooth shift to circular economy, in particular:
• Lack of awareness about circular economy benefits at social, environmental and business level.
• Lack of specialized training and education promoting skills necessary to fit in the circular economy model
• Lack of national policies promoting ESD principles through a multi-sectorial approach
• Lack of interest in Science and Technology subjects and related career among European students and young people

CIRCLE-LAB, in line with the European lifelong learning approach, is aimed at supporting the initial and continuous professional development of teachers’ profiles through the application of practical and innovative tools in order to promote circular chemistry in secondary schools. The project will consider identified needs & gaps related to circular chemistry education and in particular:
-need for a practice-based approach that provides innovative resources and tools
-lack of a promotion of circular economy principles and ESD core competencies within chemistry education.
-necessity of promoting and developing digital learning environment.
The main Project results will be:
This output aims at defining a specific educational framework for the teaching of circular chemistry for secondary school students.
OUTPUT 2. CIRCLE-LAB training programme
This output consists in the development of a training curriculum designed for secondary school teachers, aimed at consolidating teaching professions from Initial Teacher Education (ITE) to Continuing Professional
Development (CPD).
The objective of this output is the design and development of the Toolkit for educating secondary school students on circular chemistry
OUTPUT 4. CIRCLE-LAB online environment
The CIRCLE-LAB online environment will consist of two key components:
1. The MOOC: the online course for teachers (IO2) offered as a MOOC in order to allow large number of users and to facilitate its transferability and further exploitation.
2. The Structured Toolkit: It will contain the Toolkit and related guidelines developed in IO3, organized online in a way that it promotes the tools’ association with the CIRCLE-LAB training programme and their interdependence.

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