NeighbourFood - Sharing economy for a resilient food supply chain

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Food security for countries that depend on food import, such as Sweden, is subject to high risks when the global supply chains are affected by negative effects of a crisis like Covid-19. The Neighbourfood project makes use of the sharing economy, innovative business models and digital twins to speed up a coping strategy towards the crisis, but also to address the need for climate transition and secure circular and resilient food supply chains. Smart Urban Farming is an enabler to ensure availability of highly nutritious leafy greens and supply of fresh herbs and vegetables at local level. Neighboufood aims for food production and a supply model at a very local level for urban consumers i.e. neighbours. The proposal is based on a techenabled Farming as a Service (FaaS) model for creation of sharing economy platforms including the neighbours for neighbours and P2P approach. A high in TRL technology is developed and in production by the Agtech company SweGreen will be matured to enable remotely-managed and outsourced production units based on advanced use of AI and the business models that will be tested in the project.

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Baran Çürüklü Senior Lecturer
Alex Jonsson
Charlie Gullström
Sepehr Mousavi
RISE Research Institutes of Sweden Academic
SweGreen AB Industrial

Baran Çürüklü, Senior Lecturer

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