PDF: Personalized, Dynamic and Flexible Educational Model for Industrial Professionals



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The advancement of new technology, digitalization and automation has been changing dramatically and due to this shift, organizations are facing entirely different types of challenges for retraining professionals and individuals. One of the major challenges for such training is the scarcity of good educational model to be able to start at any time and be carried out at a pace of study that suits the individual. Besides the challenge regarding the diversity of ages and educational backgrounds, another issue is the busy schedules of the professional learners also hinder taking part in traditional education. The PDF project will support in developing a model for personalized, dynamic, and flexible education which will provide more choice, greater accessibility for learners of all ages and backgrounds. The overall implementation of the PDF model has two phases where the first phase is developing a diagnostic test and the second phase focuses on to develop a MOOC.  The purpose of the diagnostic tool is to identify the knowledge level of the learners based on the requirement analysis and the MOOC will help learners to prepare for the next complete course.

Shahina Begum, Professor

Email: shahina.begum@mdu.se
Room: U1-089
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