Tahira Salwa Rabbi Nishat, Doctoral student

An ambitious graduate and a passionate learner with a keen interest in data and modern technology that aspires to operate in a way that links humans and machines for the betterment of society.


Research on Lifelong Machine Learning implemented with the Random Forest algorithm and propagated the current acquired knowledge to the next learning phase using the Genetic Algorithm.

Python and MySql were my greatest interests, also Computer Vision, e.g., OpenCV toolbox in MATLAB.

Machine Learning algorithms (e.g., Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, SVM, kNN, K-Means, Naive, Bayes, PCA, LDA, etc.) and some Python libraries like Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, etc.

Soft Computing, hands-on experience on several Neural Networks and deep learning algorithms
(e.g. LSTM, RNN, CNN, NLP, shallow and deep neural networks)

Used different machine learning libraries like PyTorch, Keras, and Scikit-learn