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The aim of the project is to develop a verified and applicable framework for design of interactive systems where information content is the base for all interaction between users and system. Content information elements, in users` locus of attention, offer the available actions and functions. We will create a software framework by bringing together the partners – users: musicians, illustrators, and animators; and developers of music, illustration, and animation systems – to investigate the user experience and design of content centric interactive systems and how users can work and collaborate in an unbroken activity flow.

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“Jag älskar att allt ligger överst”: En designstudie av ytinteraktion för kollaborativa multimedia-framträdanden (Jun 2009)
Rikard Lindell

Surface Interaction to Support Collaborative Multimedia Live Performances (Nov 2008)
Rikard Lindell
NordiCHI 2008, 5th Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

The Role of Traditional Shadow Play on Creativity in Interaction Design (Apr 2007)
Rikard Lindell
Media in Transition 5: creativity, ownership, and collaboration in the digital age

Assessment, Sorting and Collecting of a Thousand Drawings (Sep 2006)
Rikard Lindell
The First International Symposium on Culture, Creativity and Interaction Design (CCID2006) of The 20th BCS HCI Group conference in co-operation with ACM

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