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Annual Report 2005 - Department of Computer Science and Electronics


Publication Type:

Report - MRTC




This report presents the organisation, projects and achievements of IDE in 2005, a year of reorganisation and preparations for the future, with the following high-lights: • Eleven Ph.D. theses (Baran Cürüklü, Jukka Mäki-Turja, Markus Nilsson, Tomas Lenvall, Radu Dobrin, Gustaf Næser, Dag Nyström, Christina Björkman, Magnus Jansson, Mia Folke, Kai Pietiläinen) were successfully defended. • Twelve Licentiate theses (Mikael Åkerholm, Anders Möller, Adam Dunkels, Johan Fredriksson, Andreas Johnson, Stig Larsson, Johan Andersson, Erik Olsson, Waldemar Kocjan, Annita Persson Dalhqvist, Jens Lönnblad, Tord Johnsson) were successfully defended. • 3 new Ph.D.-students have been enrolled • 43 MSc-theses, and 139 publications, many presented at leading conferences world-wide. • The strategic centre proposal PROGRESS was in the toughest of national competitions awarded 43 MSEK by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research. • Three new different projects were granted funding from the KK-foundation, a total of 7.4 MSEK o Extract A project aiming at improving maintainabilit of complex software systems. o Multex Our ongoing project MultEx received external funding in December. 2.9MSEK over three years was granted from the Knowledge Foundation (KKS) o WCET The Programming Languages group was awarded a grant from the KKfoundation to continue its research in WCET analysis. • The MRTC profile was evaluated, and the peer-review report stated the following: “Overall, the panel found that, despite the short space of time the MRTC has had to establish itself as one of Sweden’s leading contributors to real-time research and its limited funding for basic research, it has been very successful in implementing its three-pronged vision, albeit to varying degrees.” • SSF granted 41 MSEK during 4 years to Factory-in-a-Box with Peter Funk as co-applicant.


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