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Doctoral Thesis (1)

Crossing Boundaries, Focusing Foundations, Trying Translations: Feminist Technoscience Strategies in Computer Science (May 2005)
Christina Björkman

Licentiate Thesis (1)

Challenging Canon: The Gender Question in Computer Science (Jun 2002)
Christina Björkman

Collection (Editor) (4)

Women in Computing in Sweden (Mar 2008)
Christina Björkman
Wiley Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Engineering

Feminist Technoscience Rearranging in the Black Box of Information Technology (Mar 2007)
Christina Björkman, Pirjo Elovaara , Lena Trojer
Gender Designs IT. Construction and Deconstruction of Information Society Technology

Invitation to Dialogue: Feminist Research meets Computer Science (Jan 2005)
Christina Björkman
The Gender Politics of ICT

Computer Science, Gender and Knowledge: Situated Readings (Mar 2003)
Christina Björkman
How do we make a difference?

Journal article (3)

Genusforskning inom teknisk fakultet: en kunskapspolitisk utmaning (Sep 2006)
Elisabeth Gulbrandsen , Lena Trojer , Christina Björkman, Pirjo Elovaara
Kvinnovetenskaplig Tidskrift

What does it mean to Know Computer Science? Perspectives from Gender Research (Jun 2006)
Christina Björkman, Lena Trojer

Feminist Research and Computer Science: Starting a Dialogue (Oct 2005)
Christina Björkman
Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society

Conference/Workshop Paper (4)

Social Sciences and Humanities Engage and Motivate Engineering Students (Jun 2006)
Christina Björkman, Jörgen Nissen
34th SEFI Annual Conference Engineering education and active students

A Project for First-year Female Students of Computer Science (Jul 2001)
Christina Björkman
GASAT 10 Conference Contributions

Computer Science and its Paradigmatic Basis - Using Gender Research from Within to Transform Education (Jul 2001)
Christina Björkman
GASAT 10 Conference Contributions

Varför väljer kvinnor inte datavetenskap? (Apr 1999)
Christina Björkman
Kvinnor och matematik 4

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