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Journal article (2)

Cost-aware Workflow Offloading in Edge-Cloud Computing Using a Genetic Algorithm (Jul 2024)
Somayeh Abdi, Saad Mubeen, Mohammad Ashjaei
The Journal of Supercomputing (Supercomputing)

Powerful enhanced jaya algorithm for efficiently optimizing numerical and engineering problems (Oct 2022)
Somayeh Abdi
Soft Computing (SC20)

Conference/Workshop Paper (4)

Task Offloading in Edge-cloud Computing using a Q-Learning Algorithm (Jun 2024)
Somayeh Abdi, Mohammad Ashjaei, Saad Mubeen
The International Conference on Cloud Computing and Services Science (CLOSER 2024)

Investigation of data mining techniques in the monitoring of malignant tumors of the respiratory tract (Nov 2022)
Somayeh Abdi

Cognitive and Time Predictable Task Scheduling in Edge-cloud Federation (Sep 2022)
Somayeh Abdi, Mohammad Ashjaei, Saad Mubeen
International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory (ETFA'2022)

An integer linear programming (ilp) model for virtual machine placement to minimize energy consumption. (Apr 2021)
Somayeh Abdi

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