Dino Mustefa, Industrial Doctoral Student

Dino Mustefa is a Researcher at ALTEN Sweden. He received his M.Sc. in Systems Control and Robotics at KTH in 2013 as well as M.Sc. in Signal Processing at Linnaeus university. Dino has been working in different industries (ABB Robotics, Datapath International AB, Stoneridge Electronics) as an embedded software developer up until the end of 2018.

This PhD project targets application of 5G technology in medical Internet-of-Things. Specifically challenges when it comes to design of wireless communication protocols along with mechanisms for data collection and data management for health monitoring systems. The project covers design and development of safety strategies and security control mechanisms for health monitoring systems empowered by 5G technologies. This includes exploring the critical risks in using assistive intelligent systems in medical IoT and develop strategies to prevent the risks. This PhD project is carried out in collaboration between Alten Sweden and MDH.