Stefan Marksteiner, Industrial Doctoral Student

I am a Technology Scout for Cyber Security with the Integrated and Advanced Software Solutions department at AVL List GmbH, an automotive development company with around 11k employess worldwide . My current task is the technical development lead of our automated cybersecurity testing platform, as well as to coordinate the research activities for the (automotive) cybersecurity domain.  Before that, I was a key researcher with the Competence Group Cyber Security and Defence at the DIGITAL – Institute of Information and Communication Technologies of JOANNEUM RESEARCH. My further interests are security models, network security and cryptography. I have more than 15 years of experience in ICT security and earned a master's degree with excellent results in "IT Technologies & business informatics" with the thesis "An approach to Securing IPsec with Quantum Key Distribution". I conducted scientific studies and engineering conceptualizing work on cyber-physical systems, as well as published various papers on diverse ICT security topics. I am a Certified Ethical Hacker and earned an ISO 27001 Information Security Manager certificate. Furthermore, I am a member of the Austrian Standards Institute working group for secure web applications ISO's technical committee 22/SC32/WG11 (responsible WG for developing ISO 21434), as well as the IEEE, the ACM and the SAE, and have served as scientific conference and journal reviewer and as evaluator for an H2020 project's open call. Also, I'm teachning computer networks as a part-time lectureer at FH Campus02 University of Applied Sciences. Currently, I'm pursuing a PhD study on learning-based cybersecurity testing at the Mälardalen University.

Main research focus:
- Cybersecurity Testing
- Test case generation
- Security standards
- Automotive systems
- Network protocols
- Applying formal methods to cybersecurity analysis

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Latest publications:

Model-Driven Security Test Case Generation Using Threat Modeling and Automata Learning (Apr 2024)
Stefan Marksteiner

From TARA to Test: Automated Automotive Cybersecurity Test Generation Out of Threat Modeling (Dec 2023)
Stefan Marksteiner, Christoph Schmittner , Korbinian Christl , Dejan Nickovic , Mikael Sjödin, Marjan Sirjani
7th ACM Computer Science in Cars Symposium (CSCS'23)

A Global Survey of Standardization and Industry Practices of Automotive Cybersecurity Validation and Verification Testing Processes and Tools (Nov 2023)
Andrew Roberts , Stefan Marksteiner, Mujdat Soyturk , Berkay Yaman , Yi Yang
SAE International Journal of Connected and Automated Vehicles (JCAV)

Using Automata Learning for Compliance Evaluation of Communcation Protocols on an NFC Handshake Example (Oct 2023)
Stefan Marksteiner, Marjan Sirjani, Mikael Sjödin
8th International Conference on Engineering of Computer-based Systems (ECBS2023)

A Systematic Approach to Automotive Security (Mar 2023)
Masoud Ebrahimi , Stefan Marksteiner, Dejan Nickovic , Roderick Bloem , David Schögler , Philipp Eisner , Samuel Sprung , Thomas Schober , Sebastian Chlup , Christoph Schmittner , Sandra König
25th International Symposium On Formal Methods (FM'23)

Wireless Security in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks: A Survey (Aug 2022)
Thomas Blazek , Fjolla Ademaj , Stefan Marksteiner, Peter Priller , Hans-Peter Bernhard
SAE International Journal of Connected and Automated Vehicles (JCAV)