Two Camera System

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In robotics it is essential to have adequate sensors, and one of the most important sensors for a robot is the vision sensor. When it comes to vision sensors, speed and size is of great importance. Vision applications using standard techniques are widely used in the industry today, although these systems are bulky and slow. The latest development of reconfigurable hardware together with new sensor chips enable a new type of high performance vision systems to be built. The research question that needs to be solved in order for this new type of vision systems to become useful for robotic applications (industrial robots or autonomous service robots) is how to use vision algorithms in reconfigurable hardware.

The current approach taken in this work is to find algorithms that work on a continuous data flow, using sliding windows, and thus eliminating the need for external memory for storing a complete image.

Lars Asplund, Professor Emeritus

Room: u1-129
Phone: +46-21-107036