TESTit - Testing techniques for real-time systems



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In current software development for reliable and safety-critical systems approximately 50% of the cost and time is spent on testing to determine if the implemented system behaves as intended. The testing is to a large extent a manual process, including selection of test data, performing the tests, and analysis of the test results. Since the mid eighties there have been several attempts to automate the test process, i.e. tests have been automatically derived from formal specifications and abstract testing notions and associated test methods and analysis have been developed. However the vast majority of these results has had no practical impact, and is not take the specific features of real-time systems into account. The purpose of this project is to develop practically applicable methods and tools for testing of distributed real-time systems. The focus will be on automotive type of systems, which are characterized by a set of heterogeneous micro-controllers interconnected by one or more communication networks, and which strict reliability and predictability requirements.

Hans Hansson, Professor

Email: hans.hansson@mdh.se
Room: U1-063
Phone: +46 21 103163