Henrik Thane, Adjunct Professor (not working at IDT anymore)

Dr. Henrik Thane - Adj. (part time) Professor in Functional Safety MDH 2012 - Founded Safety Integrity AB in 2009, and work as a software safety assessor/auditor. Expert on standards like: ISO26262, EN50128, IEC61508, and EN62061. - Member of national committees for IEC61508 and EN50128 - Product M Manager at ENEA, Responsible for all operating systems and tools (2008-2009) - CEO ZealCore, co-founded ZealCore 2001, acquired by ENEA 2008 - Associate Professor (Docent) at Mälardalen University until 2008 - Ph.D. from the Royal Institute of technology in Stockholm, 2000 - In addition to research I have during the last 14 years worked as an expert consultant for the industry and given numerous industrial courses on design and test of software in safety-critical computer based systems.

Currently Im mostly interested in doing research related to Software Functional Safety: - Lean Safety Lifecycle Development Processes - Functional Safety of out-of-context systems: problems & solutions - Reducing Test effort with respect to functional safety - Process maturity capability evaluations models for functional safety - Management: Roles and responsibilities with respect to functional safety

PhD students supervised as main supervisor:

Anders Pettersson (former)
Mathias Ekman (former)