Closing the safety-security gap in software intensive systems



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Security has become an important property to address in safety assurance. The objective of the CloSS project is to develop methods that extends safety assurance with means to address cyber security for embedded systems. The vision is to provide a complete life-cycle process that complies with the typical requirements for safety assurance and that provide support to identify and mitigate security risks in the scope of the life-cycle. To achieve this, the project will focus on a number of development activities, starting from the concept phase, and systematically identify the following: 1) if and why a safety related activity should be extended to address security, 2) how the activity should be extended and with what. By doing this, the project will propose adequate methods that complement current safety assurance with a focus on risk reduction of cyber security issues.

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A Systematic Way to Incorporate Security in Safety Analysis (Jun 2018)
Elena Lisova, Aida Causevic, Kaj Hänninen, Henrik Thane, Hans Hansson
3rd Workshop on Security and Dependability of Critical Embedded Real-Time Systems (CERTS'18)

A Risk and Threat Assessment Approaches Overview in Autonomous Systems of Systems (Oct 2017)
Aida Causevic
The 26th International Conference on Information, Communication and Automation Technologies (ICAT2017)

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Kaj Hänninen, Senior Lecturer

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