FIRST - Flexible Integrating Scheduling Technology - EU IST Project



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The objective of the proposed research is to develop a real-time scheduling framework for applications demanding various types of tasks, constraints, and scheduling paradigms within the same system. The FIRST project will investigate the following issues: · co- operation and coexistence of standard real-time scheduling schemes, time- triggered and event-triggered, dynamic and fixed priority based, as well as off-line based. · integration of different task types such as hard and soft, or more flexible notions, e.g., from control or quality-of-service demands, and fault-tolerance mechanisms · temporal encapsulation of subsystems in order to support the composability and reusability of available components including legacy subsystems FIRST will provide functionality for the schemes for POSIX compliant operating systems, including monitoring and maintenance of control systems over the Internet.

Gerhard Fohler, Professor