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Doctoral Thesis (2)

Combining Off-line Schedule Construction and Fixed Priority Scheduling in Real-Time Computer Systems (Sep 2005)
Radu Dobrin

Adapting to Varying Demands in Resource Constrained Real-Time Devices (Sep 2005)
Tomas Lennvall

Collection (Editor) (1)

A Component Based Real-time Scheduling Architecture (Jan 2003)
Gerhard Fohler, Tomas Lennvall, Radu Dobrin
Architectures for Dependable Systems

Conference/Workshop Paper (3)

FSF: A Real-Time Scheduling Architecture Framework (Apr 2005)
Gerhard Fohler, Radu Dobrin, Tomas Lennvall
12th IEEE Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium

Reducing the Number of Preemptions in Fixed Priority Scheduling (Jul 2004)
Radu Dobrin, Gerhard Fohler
16th Euromicro Conference on Real-time Systems (ECRTS 04)

Resource Reservation and Service Contract (Jul 2003)
Liesbeth Steffens , Gerhard Fohler, Giuseppe Lipari , Giorgio Buttazzo
nternational Workshop on Advanced Real-Time Operating Systems Services (ARTOSS 2003)

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